Welcome Our New NIX Contributors!

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Dear NIX Community,

We are thrilled to introduce the newest 6 additions to the NIX contributors list:

John MacPherson

Business & Strategic Development

Brandon Robles

QA & Wiki Curator

Carl S.

Art & Design

Crypto Hobbit

Ads & Consultancy

Carl Walker

SEO & Digital Marketing

Kristen Colwell

Growth Consultancy

All of these new additions will bring extremely valuable knowledge in their respective fields to NIX. Their experience and enthusiasm will push NIX into new markets, platforms and new heights.

You will be hearing more from all the new contributors on our blog, Discord and other social medias, so please give them all a warm welcome.

Check the whole contributors list here.

Interested in becoming a NIX contributor?

NIX is currently looking for an experienced Community Manager. We’d like to speak to anyone with a proven track record in a similar role — community management, ability to work autonomously (and collaboratively!), outstanding communication skills and an infectiously positive attitude are all desirable traits.

Strong knowledge of marketing activities, blockchain and privacy coins is an advantage. Salary is negotiable upto 8,000 NIX / month. To express your interest please contact an admin on Discord or submit a website enquiry.

Finally, if you think you can contribute in other areas (i.e., developers, content writers etc) then please reach out and we’ll see if we can utilize your skillset!

For more information about NIX, join our community!






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