We are BACK with the new NBT token sale.

We are ready for our new token sale after a lot of community support and feedback. As you are aware we cancelled our last token sale and refunded all the participants. Now we will launch a new token sale via our website, which includes the following improvements:

No Softcap, 1500 ETH Hardcap

After prolonged discussion we have decided on the best way to proceed with the project, which includes a revised token sale structure. We’re removing the soft cap and putting in a hard cap of 1500 ETH (technically raised deposits will be less than this, taking into account the bonus incentives). If we don’t sell all of the allocation, we will launch NBT with the amount raised in the token sale and we will burn all the unsold NBT from the circulating supply.

No BOUNCE (burn that sh*t!).

No more BOUNCE, not now, not ever. We will spin an ETH address so you can send whatever you want to invest and we will send the NBT when the sale is over. No Bounce, no 1% fee (more on that soon) and no drama.

Improved Tokenomics

NBT remains at 60,000 total supply but with a significantly reduced price. The base price for NBT without incentives is now 24 NBT per ETH, with 35,250 NBT available in token sale (incl. bonus incentives) and 750 for a flash marketing campaign. 12,000 NBT will be used to lock liquidity forever in Uniswap, 9,000 are reserved for treasury with 3,000 set aside for liquidity farming.

It will be a tiered sale structure with an available bonus of: 3%-12%. We will also whitelist all the participants of our first sale (up until cancellation announcement) and give them a 1% bonus for the Bounce fiasco, for this, you must buy a min of 1 ETH in NBT (to save on ETH fees).

At $400 per ETH with all tokens sold, the circulating market cap would be ~$800k with a fully diluted market cap of ~$1m. If tokens remain unsold then those figures will reduce accordingly.

Only 48h of token sale

This token sale will only run for 48h to ensure deposits aren’t locked for a long period of time. Should the maximum amount not be raised within the timeframe then we will burn unsold tokens from the supply (with the tokenomics adjusting in line with that). Whatever amount we sell, we will list on Uniswap in the next hours after sale is over with a price of 1ETH = 24 NBT and liquidity locked, forever.

Flash Giveaway

To raise awareness for this token sale we thought it’d be great to do a HUGE giveaway along with our sale on Twitter.

To qualify, you need to own at least 24 NBT.

Rules — retweet the official announcement tagging 2 friends, and you will stand a chance of winning one of the following:

1st Prize — 150 NBT (~$2,500)

2nd Prize — 50 NBT (~$825)

Additionally, there will be 20 winners of 5 NBT (~$85)

New Schedule:

Start Time: 22nd Oct, 6pm UTC
End Time: 24th Oct, 6pm UTC

The deposit address will be announced on our social accounts and website as the token sale goes live.

What is the NIX Bridge & NBT

NIX Platform recently announced a unique advancement within the privacy field by developing the NIX Bridge solution for tokenized chains and DeFi applications in cooperation with Blockchain Foundry. The NIX Bridge will set the foundation for true zero knowledge proof interoperability within and across entire blockchains and assets, and will greatly enhance the presence and exposure of NIX Platform to new unveiling markets.

The introduction and launch of the NIX Bridge Token (NBT) is the next step in the development of the NIX Bridge solution towards our goal of pioneering privacy solutions for DeFi. NBT will be the backbone for the creation of the NIX Bridge DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and will also provide the funding required to develop the NIX Bridge interoperable platform.

The DAO will include the elaboration of utility tools, web wallets, DEX development, marketing campaigns and even liquidity allocation. The funds collected via the NIX Bridge Token allocation will allow NIX to build a robust and decentralized NIX Bridge and whole privacy ecosystem, while allowing for a constant optimization process through governance-led continual improvement.

We thank everyone for the constant support, and we are excited to launch NBT with the revised tokenomics.

The NIX Team


NIX Platform off-chain governance and NIX Bridge governance, although both driven by decentralization values are independent of each other. Retributions in any form of reward or fees are NOT offered by investing in NBT, the main goal of this token is to give holders a voice in the NIX Bridge ecosystem. Elements that are out of the governance utility that NBT entails are issued as experimental. It is mandatory to state that, by no means, does NBT pledge any form of gains or return. If you are an US citizen you are not allowed to participate in the sale. There will be no refunds as there is no softcap, innvest wisely.

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on https://mute.io

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