Revealing NIX’ roadmap 2.0!

We at NIX always deliver what we promise and are proud to announce that we have successfully finished all our items on the initial roadmap!

NIX roadmap 2.0

What now? Are we ready to retire? Of course not! We will never rest until we have achieved our vision. Expect more details for the individual points as we get closer to their respective completion! Check out the items on roadmap 2.0 (please note that items are possibly subject to change during development):

Development & Research of Lelantus and similar protocols
We will look into other solutions to further enhance the Ghost Protocol. Additional key aspects include amount privacy without the use of denominations.

Enable Full Privacy by default (Current Privacy: Opt-In)
At the moment, you can opt-in to conduct private transactions. We are thinking about changing this to an opt-out model where transactions are private by default and only public if you so decide. Please note that this does not mean that we have 100% of transactions private, but merely change the default method for most wallets to opt-out. For those who are concerned about legislation and exchanges cracking down on fully private coins, fear not — this does not apply here.

Hardware Wallet LPoS Support
Currently we only have LPoS support on the PC wallets and no support for hardware wallets such as ledger and trezor. We want to change that! Remember: Ghostnodes do already work on hardware wallets.

Mobile Wallet LPoS Support
Same deal for mobile wallets!

Marketplace Expansions
NIX is an amazing crypto currency and deserves more adoption! We will reach out to more shops, payment providers and services to get NIX integrated.

Currency Adoption w/ Simple Plugins using SDK
We recently released the NIX SDK to give developers an interface to work with the NIX blockchain. Simple plugins will make their lives much easier.

Ghostnode Data-Manager Side Chain Research & Development
As we approach this point, we will let you know what this is exactly about. Exciting times ahead!

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