On Demand airing a NIX Platform documentary.

The team over at NIX are working hard to develop its ecosystem by bridging isolated blockchains and by building innovative privacy-oriented tools the space is in need of.

With the aim of raising awareness about NIX Platform and its development among both the general public and the cryptocurrency space, Lead Core Developer Matthew Tawil filmed for the On Demand show back in Q3 2018 as part of a documentary about cryptocurrencies, where he spoke about NIX, its utility as an interoperability platform and the innovative privacy tools it brings to the industry.

He gave a broad overview of cryptocurrencies, the traditional systems of trading and how NIX Platform provides users with a simple alternative, focussed on user experience.

Also discussed was how NIX enables users to conduct privacy swaps, the Ghost Protocol and the value NIX provides users in terms of security, privacy and convenience.

As relayed by Matthew in the documentary, NIX’s message is simple: “the more people that we bring together, the bigger the ecosystem gets, where we can conduct transactions without having to trust someone in the middle. That’s where the future of the cryptocurrency movement is going. No third party involved with any type of cryptocurrency engagement, and giving other platforms the power and ability of utilizing privacy and interconnectivity.”

Watch a one-minute preview of the documentary here:

Hosted by Rob Lowe, the full documentary segment is scheduled to be aired on the FOX Business Network Q2 2019. Stay tuned for more snippets!

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on https://mute.io

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on https://mute.io