NIXmas Treasure Hunt Contest!

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There is a mobile wallet with 1000 NIX in this address: GQAHYjnHwHpqTuJQejkz7Ha4V549g55g3N


In order to complete the contest and unlock the funds, you will need to find the 12 seed words that are hidden across the NIX/Flare websites and social media channels.

You will know the word is for the contest if you see something Christmas related near the word like an emoji. Once you find all 12 words, you must download the NIX mobile wallet and recover wallet. It will ask you for the 12 words you found, but you will have to put them in the correct order. You can do this buy trying all the different options, or there will be clues given to the order. Once you figure the order and recover the wallet, the funds are yours and you are free to send them from that wallet address to your own wallet!

Merry Christmas and Enjoy!

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