NIX Web Wallet Announcement

Dear NIX community,

While we’ve been pushed hard developing Flare Wallet recently (most notably launching our LPoS staking and Ghostnode management into Flare Mobile), another part of the team have spent some months working on another project and we’re pleased to announce that today.

On the subdomain you will now find WebWal, the first NIX web wallet for easy, seed-based browser access to your NIX coins.

Image of WebWal, the non-custodial web wallet for NIX by NIX Platform.


This is a purely client-side application. You access your funds with a 12-word mnemonic phrase which is encrypted in local storage with a password of your choosing. The password is all that’s needed to decrypt the wallet once the site is next accessed by your browser. Obviously, this password does not secure the seed phrase should it be restored elsewhere.

The website does not transmit any sensitive data back to the developers and we can not access your coins under any circumstance should you lose access your seed phrase. Seed generation and storage happens solely on your machine so it’s up to you to ensure the security of that machine.


The NIX Web Wallet offers a very convenient way to send and receive NIX coins. It can be used as a quick and easy storage option for new users, long-time users alike.


The mnemonic seed phrase used by all editions of Flare Wallet is also compatible with WebWal should you wish to access your NIX funds in here. Likewise, any seed phrase generated in WebWal can be restored into Flare Wallet, giving instant access to your funds within a fully-featured lite-wallet that includes instant swaps, cold staking, masternode management and storage of many other coins.

Sending and Receiving

A clean interface allows you to easily generate new receiving addresses, display corresponding QR codes and send coins to others.

Thanks for reading our latest development and we hope you are keeping healthy at these difficult times.

NIX Team

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