NIX — The First PoS Privacy Coin to Adopt Sigma

We explain why NIX is integrating Sigma into its Ghost Protocol and how this increases our privacy set, usability, scaling capabilities, and user security.

NIX is the first PoS currency to adopt Sigma

Dear NIX community,

We are thrilled to announce that NIX will be the first Proof-Of-Stake cryptocurrency to implement Sigma, a new highly scalable zero-knowledge privacy protocol. This continues the trend of rapid and successful development at NIX Platform, including the recently launched Off-Chain Governance beta.

Sigma allows us to significantly scale our privacy transactions by decreasing the on-chain size by 94%, as well as remove the trusted set-up previously needed with Zerocoin. This makes privacy on NIX much more scalable while even increasing the anonymity set NIX has to offer.

Sigma spends are 16.5x smaller than Zerocoin and only 6x larger than public transactions

Sigma has now been adopted into the NIX codebase as a Ghost Protocol addition, and several significant changes have been made in regard to NIX’s existing privacy functionalities:

Sigma CKP’s are 27% the size of older Zerocoin CKP’s

Code has been merged into NIX’s public repositories, and a public test-net will be launched soon. We invite everyone to join us and test alongside our developers.

Massive credits to the ZCoin development team for creating the first Sigma cryptographic codebase implementation and their developments on these grounds.

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NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on