NIX Platform: Off-Chain Governance Beta is now available!

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The first implementation of off-chain governance is ready!

This governance structure will function as a supporting funding/decision model for all invested stakeholders who actively participate in the NIX ecosystem (i.e, node and staking participants of any amount).

As everyone is aware, NIX was created with its initial supply generated directly from a faucet. A complete report of the faucet, the initial development funding, and the remaining development funding is attached together with the governance proposal and its design for technical implementation.

Wallet version is now released which allows all users to participate in NIX’s Off-Chain Governance Beta testing!

You can cast votes from your QT wallet and everything else is automated, there is already one test proposal made.

Read up on the details here.

View proposals with their vote amounts here.

Make new proposals here.

Download Qt Wallet v2.3.0.5 here.

For more information about NIX, join our community!






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