NIX Platform and Blockchain Foundry work together to deliver the NIX Bridge

Both teams have partnered with the goal of developing and successfully delivering the NIX Bridge solution within the next 6 months.

About Blockchain Foundry

The company is also an important founding member of Microsoft’s Decentralized Identity Foundation, which has the mission of decentralizing identities using blockchain technology. Not to mention it has also partnered with Binance and many other successful projects.


During the first stage, BCF will be reviewing NIX’s current ecosystem and the NIX Bridge plan, this permits the introduction of implementation ideas to start creating the mechanism. At this time, this stage is nearly complete.

Shortly after, the project goes into full development; here, Blockchain Foundry will aid in building the NIX Bridge modular mechanism, while the NIX Platform team designs and develops the privacy and transaction features for NGT-assets. Both teams will be in constant communication at all times, thus ensuring that the final result meets the project and community expectations.

Finally, we will combine the architectures and designs, which results in the launch of the NIX Bridge’s first application: instant confidentiality and anonymity for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens.


Based on that, and in order to promote a spirit of collaboration and expand our ecosystem, NIX Platform will be rewarding Syscoin holders with a claimed airdrop that will be performed after NIX Bridge solution is delivered.

Wrap up

We invite you to visit the next sites to learn more about NIX Bridge:

NIX Bridge Announcement.

NIX Bridge Outline v.1.0.

For more information about NIX, join our community!






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