NIX Launches Off-Chain Governance Beta — Temporarily Disables Zerocoin Due to Known Vulnerabilities to Preserve Network Integrity

NIX’s Off-Chain Governance is now ready for beta testing. This has been a while in the works and we are extremely excited to be releasing the beta and moving this forward. Please note, during the beta period, there may be bugs that will be ironed out, however, we expect full release to be in 1–2 weeks time. The QT wallet is the only supported wallet to partake in governance at this time.

With Off-Chain Governance any user is able to hand in a proposal to the NIX ecosystem. Those proposals will be displayed on the Proposals Page as well as on the Governance Tab of the NIX QT Wallet.

Voting will be done via the very same tab within the wallet. During the beta testing, only the QT wallet will be supported (you can have both the QT and the GUI wallet installed simultaneously but only have one open at a time).

This marks another big milestone and on-time release as well as yet another big win for decentralization. With this new addition, developers (and anyone else with beneficial ideas) can offer their services to the NIX ecosystem and request funding for it. Further instructions can be found on the About Page.

Should you be as excited as many others, feel free to join our Discord Server to join the talks and perhaps even give us feedback. We always consider all voices and strive to improve wherever possible!

A few weeks ago, a Zerocoin vulnerability has been found (thanks to our friends over at ZCoin) which can not easily be fixed. The NIX developer team responded with a temporary fix to protect the integrity of all user’s coins within the growing NIX ecosystem.

NIX was never affected or attacked and we ran multiple blockchain tests to ensure that. In our recent update to v2.3.0.3 we added extra security to avoid any issues.

We will release another update soon ( to completely disable zerocoin (ghosted) transactions in the mean time. Minted coins in the ghostvault at this time are safe and will be spendable to public coins again in a near future update.

It is very important to note, NIX was never an isolated Zerocoin project but a merger of multiple protocols. We are looking into the best option for patching this issue and complimenting further privacy protocols as suitable for the DEX Manager. This is only a minor hiccup and should not delay the development roadmap on a notable scale. In the grand scheme of things the backbone for NIX is simplicity and access of privacy, so whatever achieves that end game in a secure manner is our continued focus.

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on