NIX + Blocknet: A partnership for the cross-chain era

The foundation of NIX can be compared to the emergence of cryptocurrency itself, an ambitious project that sets the right direction to address and solve privacy and centralization problems.

NIX faces a groundbreaking yet totally accomplishable opportunity to help empower thousands of coins in the market, and to allow users of any supported coin to redeem their right of having total control over their privacy.

NIX’s goal is to become the de-facto chain-to-chain, privacy-centric communication protocol, by establishing itself as a first of its kind DEX Manager. The very first DEX to be incorporated in NIX will be BLOCK DX, an interoperability protocol infrastructure that enables the transfer of data and value across different blockchains, permitting coin holders to deliberately exchange their shares to another coin without compromising the security properties of blockchains.

“The Blocknet team is very excited to be partnering with NIX. The project will be built utilizing the Blocknet’s cross-chain interoperability infrastructure, adding liquidity to the protocol’s shared orderbook. It is great to see NIX filling a need in the ecosystem with the implementation of the first trustless and private atomic swap protocol”.

Hanni Abu — Blocknet Project Coordinator.

Integration of the Blocknet protocol into NIX will enable privacy-based DEX trading. The NIX platform is designed to bridge different DEX’s whilst enabling instant, borderless, decentralized private transactions, and smart contracts among many other use cases.

The main groundings of such an ambitious project are: The NIX Ghost Protocol, a custom privacy code which involves the Zerocoin Protocol along with the utilization of Stealth Addresses in order to make transactions untraceable with no trusted parties and with a higher level of anonymity, Bulletproofs to conceal transaction value and shrink the size of the cryptographic proof adding scalability solutions, and the creation of an Atomic Swaps and Privacy Smart Contract Architecture with the intention of performing decentralized operations from a node on any blockchain to another.

“At NIX, we believe in more than just creating exciting technology. We believe in targeting what the cryptocurrency space needs, and with that, enabling other communities and projects which have that same vision. Working with Blocknet to help integrate and develop their DEX API into the NIX platform will push this vision. We are very excited to be creating NIX and look forward to collaborating with Blocknet in helping using their technology”.

Matthew Tawil — NIX Lead Developer.

A project of this magnitude benefits most when different skills and standpoints get unified on its design, development and implementation; therefore, we invite collaborators and advisors of any kind to go through our whitepaper and join NIX. Simple, private, fast.

Originally published at on April 29, 2018.

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on