Newsletter and Devlog, Issue #4

After a short pause, we decided to bring back the NIX newsletter and dev log! Keep track of what’s been happening at NIX with the newest issue of our Newsletter and Devlog. If you don’t know what this is all about, check out the previous issue here.

NIX Newsletter Preview Image
  1. Off-Chain Governance out of Beta
  2. Flare Development
  3. Privacy Swap Proof of Concept
  4. NIX SDK now available
  5. CKP Fix and Zerocoin spends re-enabled
  6. Roadmap 2.0 released
  1. NIX Tippy and Ghost Squad
  2. Achieved Milestones, Community in Numbers
  3. Planned Community Initiatives
  1. Many Contributors join NIX
  2. Content funded by Off-Chain Governance

Development Updates and Progress

A lot has happened since the last newsletter. We are very proud that the NIX Off-Chain Governance has seen a lot of usage and brought forward a lot of good content. Notable mentions include the Chico Crypto Video, NIX informational videos and others mentioned later on in this issue.

The Flare development has also been pushed hard as usual. The newest version includes coins swaps powered by a partnership with ChangeNOW and Changelly. Keep an eye on the Flare blog for future updates!

Privacy swaps have been an essential part of NIX ever since it’s first announcement. Now it was time to prove that we don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk as well! With an article titled Privacy Swap Proof of Concept we provided all needed groundwork.

It has been long awaited and is now available: The NIX Software Development Kit is live and can be used by developers to build more applications for and on NIX.

After we received some reports of 2-way-ghosting transactions not showing up in the receivers wallets, we identified the problem as a mere visual bug and fixed it with v3.0.5. With this update, Zerocoin spends are enabled again, allowing users to redeem their legacy Ghost Vault coins. Please remember that NIX transitioned to Sigma a while back and this update is only relevant for users that minted coins while Zerocoin was still in use.

We recently revealed our roadmap 2.0 since we have successfully completed all our previous milestones. Get up to speed with our new goals!

Community Updates and Progress

Over the last month, we have been busy developing and enjoying our very own Discord tip and rain bot, Tippy. Active (Discord) community members, our beloved Ghost Squad, are rewarded with NIX for being active and helping NIX grow.

Furthermore, we introduced missions to push for more outreach and media coverage. Members who complete a task are added to a list and receive an equal share of the mission value once it has been accomplished.

Want to join the Ghost Squad or are at least curious? Join the Discord server!

As of this moment, the NIX community boasts:

4,800+ Discord members
3,050+ NIX Telegram members
28,150+ Twitter followers
1,300+ Flare Telegram members

We are planning to leverage our extremely strong community to get more publicity and awareness for NIX. Keep your eyes on the respective Discord channel to learn more and take part!

PR, Team and Exchanges

If you have been following our Medium blog, you have seen that we added various new contributors in two waves. At the start of August, we saw additions to Business & Strategic Development, Content Curation and Marketing. As August came to an end, we added three more to the Community Team. Find all contributors on the website.

As visible on the proposals tab of the NIX OCG, several proposals have been accepted and paid for. Some notorious mentions are the Chico Crypto video, the Coin Report by Nik Patel and the MotionFactory videos on the website.

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on