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NIX online store for the community

We pride ourselves not only on delivering the the best functional privacy features, but on having a great community who are keen on expanding NIX information as well as sharing our vision for privacy and decentralization.

NIX team and community members share the same passion for our project, thus we have decided to craft a space where users can acquire NIX products as t-shirts and hoodies as a way of merchandising: This clearly helps spread the word about what NIX is accomplishing.

To promote this idea, we will be accepting NIX and BTC as forms of payment; moreover, items will be shipped domestic and international.

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Being a privacy based platform encourages us to care about user privacy, so no account registration is needed nor much information rather than shipping details and email is requested.

Any questions or issues while placing an order online must be addressed to

We are excited to bring this new feature to our community and hope you find designs that you or others will like.

Originally published at on October 25, 2018.

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Total Privacy For All.

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