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Mute Switch

Mute Switch Preview Details

We are excited to preview a demo of the Mute Switch fully live on zkSync 2.0 private testnet. After months of hard work and determination, we are at a point where the Mute Switch AMM dApp is nearly fully complete. Other pending developments include our Amplifier Farming dApp, and our IDO / Auction platform all baked into the same UI.

Once zkSync 2.0 rolls into public testnet, everyone will be able to have a hands on approach at trying/testing the Switch.

Below, you will see a preview of adding liquidity to a pair, as well as conducting a swap on the Switch. Transactions are nearly instantly settled, and amount saved display is based off of current L1 fees.

Mute & Voice Olympus DAO bonding program

We are very excited to let our community know that $MUTE and $VOICE will be part of the Olympus DAO bonding program soon, estimated for this coming end of week.

OHM bonds will allow people to buy MUTE or VOICE at a discount using their LP tokens from the Uniswap pools for the respective tokens. Additional info regarding the bonding programs will be released this week.

Example of bonding with a bond discount of 15%:

User A takes their $100k LP of MUTE/ETH, and bonds it to buy mute. After a 7 day bond period, they receive $115k of mute. They receive a % gain of MUTE, and the treasury now owns $100k of LP in the protocol. This allows us to build our liquidity pools, while growing an additional source of revenue for the protocol via LP fees.

To learn more about how bonding works:

About Mute

Mute makes cryptocurrency and DeFi trading more accessible to the masses by providing an AMM exchange and DeFi tools utilizing Ethereum native L2 zk-rollup scalability.| Twitter | Telegram | Discord




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NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on

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