Mandatory NIX Unghosting before NIX Chain-Swap

As part of the chain-swap process, users need to be aware that coins stored in the Ghost Vault won’t get carried over to the new chain because they’re not visible on the network.

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In our latest and we announced that NIX will be performing a Chain Swap to transition its blockchain to a clean state; the sole purpose of this shift is to eradicate any legacy code and protocols that bog down our current chain.

Ghosted Coins

As NIX Ghost Vault allows for coin minting and concealing, users should be clear that these ‘ghosted’ assets won’t be visible in the snapshot used for the chain-swap. To avoid permanent losses, it is mandatory for users holding coins in the Ghost Vault to unghost their assets to NIX public chain before the chain-swap occurs, otherwise they will be burned. The QT wallet is recommended to facilitate this procedure.

Retaining Privacy

It’s advisable to unghost your coins to a new, untouched address during this period to prevent address linkage. You can then ghost your coins again after the chain-swap should you wish — enabling coin control will make this process easier.


Snapshot date is yet to be announced but it’s appropriate to give enough notice for users to stop using the Ghost Vault. We will be liaising with exchanges where NIX is listed so that a chain snapshot comprises all coins in the network, thus granting a smooth transition.

We will announce the date as soon as it’s clear and in good time — please set an alert on our if you’re the in the ‘last minute’ camp.

Thanks for your continued support — exciting times ahead!

Total Privacy For All.

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