Further contributors added to the NIX team!

The NIX team is expanding rapidly as we prepare for the next stage of the project’s growth — mass awareness. Following the six recent additions to the team, the search is now over for a Community Manager.

After a strategic period of evaluation we’ve decided to formulate a team of three specialists who will dovetail and work together with the sole purpose of increasing the visibility of the project and it’s technologies.

We are thrilled to announce;

Michael Brayer (dacx)

Community Relations & Strategy

Nico-Pascal Büker (nbcomplete)

Community Developer

John Alecci (Ghost)

Community Manager

As a valuable member of the NIX team since inception, Michael is bringing in his long time friend and acquaintance Nico, a highly skilled developer well versed in multiple languages. Together they will be working on community infrastructure and macro-level initiatives.

Joining them is John, better known in the community as our well respected long-time moderator, Ghost. An extremely driven and well focused individual, John will be dealing with the micro-level management of the community, ensuring the day-to-day activities align with our wider campaigns.

The first task for this new division is to growth hack the awareness drive by leveraging the Ghost Squad. The Ghost Squad is our active community — the guys who are here day-in, day-out who look after one another and push the message out to external parties.

Anyone who’d like to join in with the Ghost Squad can join our Discord server, where we talk both crypto and non-crypto — powered by a very active rainbot!

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on https://mute.io