Enjoy the holidays with NIX Puzzle

NIX is in the festive spirit, so we decided it is time to release our first ever NIX platform cryptopuzzle.

Instructions: Hidden in the below image there is a seed phrase to NIX Electrum wallet containing 1500 NIX. Find all 13 words making up the seed and use it in the Electrum wallet to claim your prize.

Image for post
Image for post

For better resolution, you can have a more detailed view of above’s image by using this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lf0hfai2bh3ut8u/NIX%20puzzle.jpg?dl=0

To check if the prize has already been claimed or if it has increased, users can view the balance of the wallet by importing the following address into the electrum wallet using the “import NIX address” option:


To get you started, answer the following 6 questions, the answers of which are taken directly from NIX whitepaper. Place the answers in the space provided on the puzzle image.

  1. What is NIX being built to establish?
  2. What is the name of NIX’s personal privacy library?
  3. What do NIX Ghostnodes help to ensure?
  4. When minting NIX, what opcode is used?
  5. What planned feature will incentive users to stake their coins in the form of Zerocoins?
  6. What is the initial use case of the dApp layer?

Come join the puzzle discussion and receive hints and tips in our discord server. Good luck and Merry NIX-mas from everyone at NIX Platform.

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Total Privacy For All. https://nixplatform.io

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