Charlie Shrem Joins NIX Platform as Advisor

Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem has joined the NIX advisory board, and we are excited to have him as a NIX contributor as well. Charlie’s belief in Bitcoin as a technology that allows people to protect their money without traditional financial institutions aligns with NIX’s values of privacy and decentralization.

As a Bitcoin advocate, successful entrepreneur, and early founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie has worked ceaselessly to contribute to crypto projects for the sake of decentralization and people having true power over the privacy of their assets. His presence in NIX Network empowers the next generation of privacy currency that NIX already is and helps spread our vision of an interoperable, decentralized privacy platform to any blockchain as well as for new technological horizons.

“Protocols and networks like NIX will bring value to the entire cryptocurrency space, and the vision of interoperable/cross-chain privacy will soon become tangible for the first time ever. NIX’s focus is to build up the cryptocurrency space, and it is great that visionaries like Charlie Shrem see this and share the same ideas. It is great to have Charlie as a part of NIX.”

JB, NIX Lead Protocol Developer.

NIX is proud to assess what has been achieved so far: a project that started on May 2018 that managed to deliver streamlined privacy solutions to a whole ecosystem, like the Ghost Vault and Commitment Key Packs Scheme to allow for zerocoin address-less private transactions; the promotion of an innovative leasing consensus to allow peers to have their coins staked by third parties without compromising coin ownership, the creation of a unique fair ghostnodes reward distribution system to our community, the delivery of mobile wallets that will integrate core wallet functionalities soon; and more.

NIX has envisioned becoming a privacy and decentralized solution to overcome the flaws of traditional privacy coins and current partial market solutions. It does this by creating a multi-layer platform that encompasses protocol consensus, utilization features, inter-communication systems and a foundation for decentralized applications to be built on top of NIX. Much has been achieved within those layers, but there is certainly a lot more to bring to the network and, therefore, to the community.

We are confident about NIX gradually becoming a top-project in the market through delivery of technologies that satisfy market demands along with the expansion of our privacy and decentralization-based concepts among the cryptocurrency and financial ecosystems.

“Privacy networks are the future of crypto and I’m excited to be working with a grassroots project that built itself up without fundraising. Privacy only works if we all use it”

Charlie Shrem.

Shrem’s wide experience in the field helps NIX exponentially widen its approach to multiple networks, increase NIX adoption in the market and promote partnerships among visionaries. He is a proven successful entrepreneur who has participated and founded attention-grabbing projects. Shrem was the creator of BitInstant, one of the first Bitcoin exchanges, in 2011, and was vice chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps to create awareness of the benefits of Bitcoin.

He has been a strong supporter of the digital currencies, backing the technology due to the level of security and autonomy that those projects provide over traditional banking institutions. He does this through Crypto.IQ, a project he launched in 2017 to advise businesses aiming to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. His presence as participant or enthusiast on different projects during his career is vast and available for anyone to validate.

Shrem is frequently recruited to speak at conferences and other cryptocurrency gatherings. He continues to provide advisory services to several digital currency-related companies and organizations.

The cementing of the relationship between Charlie and NIX is an important move towards NIX adoption and marketplace positioning. That’s not to mention his extensive associations with different organizations around the world, which clearly add value to our already constant work in that vein, reaching more exchanges and expanding NIX’s adoption as optional privacy coin and interoperable platform in the market.

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on