NIX is moving away from its native blockchain and becoming an ERC-20 token in tandem with a recently accounted rebrand to, with a dual token MUTE and VOICE ecosystem.

The NIX bridge & privacy technology will become integrated with a cutting-edge ZK-Rollup sidechain on Ethereum, allowing the well-funded and decentralized ecosystem to reach the masses.

NIX holders can access the 1:1 token swap for the replacement ERC-20 MUTE token via the following link.

The swap window will close June 30, 2021.

Process summary and portal screenshots…

Users can only use the official swap portal to move into the new ecosystem. Please do not entertain any third-party services offering to make this process simpler, they are not legitimate.

Important: All DMs received from ‘helpdesks’ or ‘support staff’ will be bad actors attempting to steal your…

The NIX ecosystem is moving to Ethereum to bootstrap better connectivity and access to new markets while using some cutting-edge technology to drive adoption.


The last article briefed on the forthcoming changes to the ecosystem which include the token swap to ERC20, supply burn from the dev fund, coin emission ending (meaning once the old chain has retired, the circulating supply will equal the total supply), masternodes and privacy tech moving to a validator-governed sidechain, as well as a premium rebrand for the entire ecosystem (including new ticker names/logos for NIX and NBT).

This week we’ve had some extremely fruitful meetings with a number of major potential partners to aid in building out the infrastructure for what is an ambitious and ground-breaking new offering…

NIX is transitioning to a new ecosystem called Mute, to launch a new ZK-Rollup DEX and DAO. The next article will announce a significant rebrand of the entire project.

The NIX ecosystem is going through big changes. Imagine a Robinhood or Cash App for crypto but controlled by its users, rather than a central entity. Imagine a Uniswap DEX that’s way cheaper, more scalable and has private trading, meaning nobody can peek into your activity.

This will be achieved with the transition to the upcoming ZK-Rollup implementation, backed by a new economic model that encourages the capture and retention of value.


  • Ecosystem will move to ‘Buyback & Make’ mechanics on both tokens.
  • This is funded by the ZK-Rollup trading fee of ~0.3%
  • The ‘profit-share’ model that only benefitted validators…

NIX is transitioning to a new ecosystem called Mute to launch a new ZK-Rollup DEX.

NOTE: This article has been edited in relation to our rebranding announcement, relevant references to ‘NIX’ and ‘NBT’ have been changed to their new names, ‘MUTE’ and ‘VOICE’ respectively.

NBT (NIX Bridge Token) started life as a vehicle for Bridge governance on the legacy platform. With the decision to transition over to a rebranded and more streamlined ZK-Rollup ecosystem, it therefore makes sense for NBT to receive a new name and ticker as it gets a more prominent and deeper integration into being the governance token for not only the ZK-Rollup DEX, but that of the entire upgraded ecosystem. …

NOTE: All references to ‘NIX’ and ‘NBT’ in this article refer to the rebranded ERC-20 tokens after the upcoming token swap.

The DeFi explosion in 2020 proved what a versatile and exciting platform Ethereum is, but it came at a price. That price was exploding transaction fees and increasing transaction confirmation times as the overloaded system struggled to cope with the huge demand.

The impact was particularly felt on decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) such as Uniswap, where simple token swaps became unaffordable and time consuming. These issues create an unfortunate paradox for DeFi projects trying to capitalize on sudden ‘hype cycles’ — they want to on-board new users, but new users are averse to competing with whales on transaction costs. …

NIX is pleased to announce a collaboration with Ethworks, a blockchain development company and specialists in UX - and we’re looking for more people to join the team.

Ethworks made their name working closely with established projects such as Polkadot,, Maker and ethereum foundation and we are excited to team up with such a innovative agency. Ethworks are working on the design and front-end development of our rebranded website as well as the design & front-end of our related dApps.

The back-end is being handled entirely in-house but we are looking for some extra hands to help with dApp integration into our sidechain, allowing our products to ship out faster.

We’re looking to speak with anyone that has relevant skills and experience that wants to be a…

NIX Platform began as a leading privacy currency in it’s own right - but it has always had a more important vision. An easy-to-use, best-in-class privacy option which can extend it’s features in an interoperable manner, allowing external tokens and blockchains to have access to those exact same privacy features.

Huge progress has been made since its inception and the raison d’etre is about to be realized, but in that time, the crypto landscape has changed. Sectors such as DeFi are redefining the limits of what’s possible and as everyone’s favourite Bond villain (Jeff Bezos) once said —

“What’s dangerous…

Prometheus, being NIX’s first major on-chain upgrade in relation to the NIX Bridge, is also the most substantial (and exciting!) upgrade yet. Expected to occur in less than two months, it will comprise the following features/events:

NIX Chain Swap

As outlined in our previous medium posts, NIX will soon be migrating to a new chain via a process called a ‘chain swap’. This event allows for the refinement, optimization and shrinking of size of our previous chain and the adoption of a fresh one with minimal impact to end users. Those running a full chain (that is, users of the CLI, QT and…

As part of the chain-swap process, users need to be aware that coins stored in the Ghost Vault won’t get carried over to the new chain because they’re not visible on the network.

In our latest AMA and Development Update we announced that NIX will be performing a Chain Swap to transition its blockchain to a clean state; the sole purpose of this shift is to eradicate any legacy code and protocols that bog down our current chain.

Ghosted Coins

As NIX Ghost Vault allows for coin minting and concealing, users should be clear that these ‘ghosted’ assets won’t be visible in…

For more info: Discord AMA on Friday, Nov 6th — 12:00 PM CDT!

After the successful launch of both the NIX Bridge Token (NBT) and NBT Dock (+480% APY) the team is now focused on the development of the NIX Bridge and evolving the NIX ecosystem on which it’s being built.

A NIX Bridge Dev Update will be shared periodically on our Medium page in order to keep you all informed on the progress that is being made. A lot of exciting things are coming up — it isn’t easy to express the gravity of them in an article since they are part of the much larger development of something that has genuinely…

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on

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