NIX is moving away from its native blockchain and becoming an ERC-20 token in tandem with a recently accounted rebrand to, with a dual token MUTE and VOICE ecosystem.


The NIX ecosystem is moving to Ethereum to bootstrap better connectivity and access to new markets while using some cutting-edge technology to drive adoption.


The last article briefed on the forthcoming changes to the ecosystem which include the token swap to ERC20, supply burn from the dev fund, coin emission ending (meaning once the old chain has retired, the circulating supply will equal the total supply), masternodes and privacy tech moving to a validator-governed…

NIX is transitioning to a new ecosystem called Mute, to launch a new ZK-Rollup DEX and DAO. The next article will announce a significant rebrand of the entire project.

NIX is transitioning to a new ecosystem called Mute to launch a new ZK-Rollup DEX.

NOTE: All references to ‘NIX’ and ‘NBT’ in this article refer to the rebranded ERC-20 tokens after the upcoming token swap.

NIX Pivoting to Ethereum to Provide Solutions

The DeFi explosion in 2020 proved what a versatile and exciting platform Ethereum is, but it came at a price. That price was exploding transaction fees and increasing transaction confirmation times as the overloaded system struggled to cope with the huge demand.

NIX Chain Swap

As outlined in our previous medium posts, NIX will soon be migrating to a…

NIX Platform has rebranded to Mute! Check out our new site on

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