Prometheus, being NIX’s first major on-chain upgrade in relation to the NIX Bridge, is also the most substantial (and exciting!) upgrade yet. Expected to occur in less than two months, it will comprise the following features/events:

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NIX Chain Swap

As outlined in our previous medium posts, NIX will soon be migrating to a new chain via a process called a ‘chain swap’. This event allows for the refinement, optimization and shrinking of size of our previous chain and the adoption of a fresh one with minimal impact to end users. Those running a full chain (that is, users of the CLI, QT and UI wallets, excluding Flare Wallet) will be required to download the new wallet once available (then move their wallet.dat …

As part of the chain-swap process, users need to be aware that coins stored in the Ghost Vault won’t get carried over to the new chain because they’re not visible on the network.

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In our latest AMA and Development Update we announced that NIX will be performing a Chain Swap to transition its blockchain to a clean state; the sole purpose of this shift is to eradicate any legacy code and protocols that bog down our current chain.

Ghosted Coins

As NIX Ghost Vault allows for coin minting and concealing, users should be clear that these ‘ghosted’ assets won’t be visible in the snapshot used for the chain-swap. To avoid permanent losses, it is mandatory for users holding coins in the Ghost Vault to unghost their assets to NIX public chain before the chain-swap occurs, otherwise they will be burned. …

For more info: Discord AMA on Friday, Nov 6th — 12:00 PM CDT!

After the successful launch of both the NIX Bridge Token (NBT) and NBT Dock (+480% APY) the team is now focused on the development of the NIX Bridge and evolving the NIX ecosystem on which it’s being built.

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A NIX Bridge Dev Update will be shared periodically on our Medium page in order to keep you all informed on the progress that is being made. A lot of exciting things are coming up — it isn’t easy to express the gravity of them in an article since they are part of the much larger development of something that has genuinely never been done before. …

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NIX Platform recently launched NBT, a governance token that is the backbone of the NIX Bridge DAO and a key factor in the creation of the NIX Bridge ecosystem, the latter being a mechanism that will connect to Ethereum and other tokenized chains in order to provide privacy to Decentralized Finance applications.

Considering how quick we are moving towards the delivery of NIX interoperable privacy mechanism, the recent launch of NBT and its staking system (NBT Dock), and the importance of such event in the future of NIX Bridge, we have decided to host an AMA session in our Discord Channel on November 6th, 12:00 pm CDT (noon), where community members will be able to get their questions answered in a detailed manner by the team. …

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All winners are requested to private message NIX Platform twitter account indicating their NBT address for the team to verify that they have met the giveaway rules:

  1. RT announcement and tag two friends.
  2. Like and RT giveaway tweet.
  3. Have 24 NBT from the presale.

Once the requirements have been verified the NBT funds will be distributed to the address provided.

- If you did not get your NBT from the presale period then you have failed to comply with the 3rd rule, therefore you will not be receiving the prize. …

We thank everyone for your support during our successful token sale and prompt launch of the NIX Bridge Token on Uniswap. Over 955 ETH was raised, of which 1/3rd has been permanently locked as liquidity via Unicrypt.

NBT Dock — Staking System / Liquidity Farming

The NBT Dock is a staking mechanism for incentivizing participants of the ecosystem who provide liquidity on Uniswap V2. The NBT Dock distributes NBT tokens from the Liquidity Incentive Fund to stakers (also known as liquidity farmers) in a structured manner — those committing to a larger time frame for liquidity provision receive a greater share of the NBT pool.

Once locked in, NBT Dock participants then receive their NBT from the incentive pool over a period of time, which unlocks NBT on the predetermined schedule. …

We are ready for our new token sale after a lot of community support and feedback. As you are aware we cancelled our last token sale and refunded all the participants. Now we will launch a new token sale via our website, which includes the following improvements:

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No Softcap, 1500 ETH Hardcap

After prolonged discussion we have decided on the best way to proceed with the project, which includes a revised token sale structure. We’re removing the soft cap and putting in a hard cap of 1500 ETH (technically raised deposits will be less than this, taking into account the bonus incentives). …

First we would like to thank all of those that supported and invested, but we have made the decision to cancel the NBT presale.

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Most will be aware of the situation but to clarify;

1) Chaotic issues with the platform

We chose to host the presale with the assumption that it would add some familiarity and authenticity to the token sale process. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that the platform isn’t fit for purpose and has a slew of issues, and based on the constant stream of complaints we received — bugs we witnessed ourselves, this undoubtedly put many investors off participating. …

Introducing the Governance Token for Private DeFi

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It has become impossible to imagine the cryptocurrency market without DeFi. The exponential growth this field is experiencing has also sparked interest among those concerned about the state of privacy. NIX Platform recently announced a unique advancement within the privacy field by developing the NIX Bridge solution for tokenized chains and DeFi applications in cooperation with Blockchain Foundry. The NIX Bridge will set the foundation for true zero knowledge proof interoperability within and across entire blockchains and assets, and will greatly enhance the presence and exposure of NIX Platform to new unveiling markets.

The introduction and launch of the NIX Bridge Token (NBT) is the next step in the development of the NIX Bridge solution towards our goal of pioneering privacy solutions for DeFi. …

Both teams have partnered with the goal of developing and successfully delivering the NIX Bridge solution within the next 6 months.

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About Blockchain Foundry

Blockchain Foundry Inc., based in British Columbia, is led by the co-founders of the Syscoin protocol, launched in 2014; two years later they partnered up and opened a now publicly tradeable development and consulting firm known as Blockchain Foundry (CSE:BCFN). This strong and professional organization has been helping companies expand their businesses using blockchain technology with the work and expertise of a group of developers that combine 35 years of knowledge.

The company is also an important founding member of Microsoft’s Decentralized Identity Foundation, which has the mission of decentralizing identities using blockchain technology. Not to mention it has also partnered with Binance and many other successful projects. …


NIX Platform

Total Privacy For All.

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